Why use a symbol?

Even though Ethereum currently has a logo, an unicode symbol is still needed. By being a currency, you will find ETH values used a lot in websites and apps and we think it’s better to replace ‘ETH’ with a simple symbol, similar to USD ($) values.

Ξ is an unicode character (U+039E).

Originally a Greek capital letter Xi, this symbol represent Ethereum well and it also can be stylized, customized in every way you want. A use case would be to replace the ‘E’ on the Ethereum name, like Ξthereum.

Fonts displaying the symbol

The symbol can be displayed in a lot of fonts, those being free fonts, paid fonts or fonts installed in your computer. Here’s how it looks in some different free Google Fonts.

Unicode Properties

Name Greek Capital Letter Xi
Block Greek and Coptic
Category Letter, Uppercase
Combine 0
BIDI Left-to-right[L]
Lowercase U+03BE
Version Unicode 1.1.0
HTML Decimal & #926;
HTML Hex & #x39e;
HTML Named & Xi;
Windows Alt +039E
UTF-8 0xCE 0x9E (ce9e)
C++ "\u039E"
Python u\"u039E"


This simple project was created with the goal of making the usage of the Ethereum symbol more wide spread. If you like it, you can donate on the right.